About us

Roivant is a global healthcare company. Our aim is to accelerate the delivery of new medicines to patients.

What We Do

We partner with large pharmaceutical companies, smaller biotech firms, and academic institutions to build our pipeline with promising investigational drugs in areas of significant unmet medical need.

We create new companies, which we call ‘Vants’, to develop and commercialize those drugs.

Finally, we support our Vants as they become leading companies in their therapeutic categories, while continuing to launch new Vants focused on making advances in additional areas.

How Our Model Works


We have a unique approach to drug discovery: instead of building our own laboratories, we identify promising medicines in the pipelines of other companies and institutions who may be unable to advance those drugs due to strategic or financial constraints. When we are confident we can help accelerate the development of these medicines, we craft ‘win-win’ arrangements that reward their prior owners. Our clinical development team is intimately involved throughout this process, ensuring a smooth handoff and enabling Roivant to initiate clinical and nonclinical studies at record pace.


We launch new Vants to rapidly develop these medicines. This includes forming a new company, hiring an experienced leadership team, and executing on clinical and commercial plans for each drug. While each Vant has its own independent leadership, all share a common culture and mission-oriented approach to drug development.


We continue to provide clinical research and operational support to each Vant. For example, we run the requisite nonclinical studies, offer regulatory guidance, assist with manufacturing, and deliver general administrative services. This allows each Vant to derive the advantages of a large-scale organization, while remaining nimble and entrepreneurial in its own right.


We help the Vants with commercialization, supporting them when appropriate as they bring medicines to market in creative ways that maximize access for patients and deliver value to the healthcare system.

Who We Are Today

Roivant was founded in May 2014. Today we have a team of several hundred staff members, a strong capital base with approximately $1.5 billion raised to date, and a pipeline of 14 drugs across our family of companies. At present our wholly- or majority-owned subsidiary companies include Axovant, Myovant, Dermavant, Enzyvant, and Urovant. And we’re just getting started.


Where We're Heading

It is our belief that there will be a convergence between the pharmaceutical industry and the healthcare system at large. We intend to be a leader in catalyzing that convergence. While remaining true to our roots in drug development, we are simultaneously pursuing opportunities involving the aggregation and utilization of patient-level clinical trial data and real-world health outcomes data. We are also exploring innovative approaches to commercialization that offer real value to payers, patients, and the healthcare system as a whole.