About us

Roivant is a global healthcare company. Our aim is to accelerate the delivery of new medicines to patients.

Who We Are Today

Roivant was founded in May 2014. Today we have a team of several hundred staff members, a strong capital base, and a pipeline of 25 drugs across our family of companies. At present our subsidiaries include Axovant, Dermavant, Enzyvant, Genevant, Metavant, Myovant, Urovant, Arbutus, and Datavant. And we’re just getting started.

Where We're Heading

We believe that over time the pharmaceutical industry will converge with the healthcare system at large. Roivant intends to be a leader in catalyzing that convergence.

While preserving our commitment to drug development, we are also pursuing opportunities involving new applications of healthcare data, innovative approaches to commercialization, and other means of delivering real value to patients, payers, and the healthcare system as a whole.

Stay tuned.