Datavant Integrates 150th Data Source and Announces Academic Partnership with Duke

January 05, 2018
  • Datasets span pharmaceutical clinical trial results, claims data, pharmacy data, electronic health records, and genomics
  • As a Founding Academic Partner, the Duke Clinical Research Institute will work with Datavant to implement innovative approaches to clinical trial design and interpretation, leveraging the power of combined datasets and analytics

SAN FRANCISCO, January 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Datavant, a healthcare technology company that organizes the world’s healthcare data, today announced the integration of its 150th dataset, and named the Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI) as its Founding Academic Partner.

In the three months since its launch, Datavant has sourced and integrated 150 datasets, incorporating a diverse range of data types including pharmaceutical clinical trial data, claims data, pharmacy data, electronic health records, and genomics, among others. Datavant is forging strategic partnerships with leading pharmaceutical companies, payers, providers, and analytics companies to build an ecosystem of data that represents over 150 million unique patients, and includes detailed clinical trial outcomes from over 33,000 trials. This data is being used to improve clinical trial design and interpretation with the aim of ultimately bringing more medicines to market for patients.

“We’re delighted to have developed such a strong set of foundational partnerships since launching Datavant,” said Travis May. “Healthcare data is extremely siloed today, and we aspire to organize it to accomplish our goal of doubling the success rate of drugs entering clinical trials by 2020.”

In addition to its sustained momentum acquiring and integrating datasets, Datavant has assembled a leading team of technology and healthcare experts, including:

  • President and Co-Founder Travis May, who was previously Co-Founder and CEO of LiveRamp, a marketing technology company he grew to over $200 million in revenue (acquired by Acxiom)
  • Chief Scientific Officer Eric Perakslis, former CIO and Chief Scientist at the FDA and SVP of Bioinformatics at Takeda
  • Head of Pharmaceutical Solutions Kailash Swarna, a former Associate Partner at IBM Global Business Services and Watson Health
  • Head of Engineering and Data Science Aneesh Kulkarni, a former data science leader at Lyft

“We’re excited to work with Datavant to harness its datasets to answer important questions that improve patient outcomes,” said Michael J. Pencina, the DCRI’s Director of Biostatistics and a professor of biostatistics and bioinformatics at Duke School of Medicine. For more on the partnership with the DCRI, click here.

“Datavant is helping lead the change that is necessary for higher quality care for patients and a more effective healthcare system – through the collective power of data. This is uniquely aligned with Verge’s strategy of harnessing the power of genomic data in research and development,” said Alice Zhang, CEO of Verge Genomics. For more on the partnership with Verge Genomics, click here.

“At G3, we assembled one largest and most comprehensive biological Big Datasets, including whole genome sequencing, other ‘omics’ technologies, coupled with quantitative precision imaging. Datavant is the leading company at the intersection of life sciences and big-data analytics, and we are excited about the partnerships created under this umbrella,” said Szilard Voros, Founder and CEO of Global Genomics Group (“G3”). “We look forward to working with Datavant and its network of partners to develop new insights and translate them into better cures and better preventive measures for our patients.” For more on the partnership with G3, click here.

“At Mendel, we have aggregated hundreds of thousands of patients’ medical records and built AI tools that can analyze this data,” said Karim Galil, Founder and CEO of Mendel Health. “Integrating our data and technology with Datavant’s repository of data is a huge added value and we are looking forward to seeing the healthcare community reaping the benefits of organizing the world's healthcare data through similar partnerships.”

About Datavant
Datavant is a San Francisco-based company dedicated to organizing the world’s healthcare data. Datavant’s products improve the design and interpretation of clinical trials through data integration and artificial intelligence, increasing the odds of success for clinical trials and helping more drugs reach patients.

Datavant’s vision is backed by Roivant Sciences, SoftBank Vision Fund, and Founders Fund.

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