Roivant's mission is to improve the delivery of healthcare to patients by treating every inefficiency as an opportunity

Roivant develops transformative medicines faster by building technologies and developing talent in creative ways, leveraging the Roivant platform to launch "Vants" - nimble and focused biopharmaceutical and health technology companies

The Vant Family

  • Immunovant

    Enabling normal lives for patients with autoimmune diseases

  • Dermavant

    Leading innovation in medical dermatology

  • Datavant

    Organizing the world's healthcare data

  • Aruvant

    Developing gene therapies for rare diseases

  • Genevant

    Delivering results through RNA therapeutics

  • Cytovant

    Developing novel and innovative cellular therapeutics in Asia

  • Lokavant

    Shifting the paradigm in clinical trial intelligence

  • Vant.AI

    Expanding the boundaries of in-silico drug design

  • Proteovant

    Degrading errant proteins to elevate patient health


We have a diverse pipeline of investigational drugs across our family of companies.

Company Compound Indication Modality Phase
Dermavant Tapinarof Psoriasis Topical Registration
Dermavant Tapinarof Atopic Dermatitis Topical Phase 3
Dermavant Cerdulatinib Vitiligo Topical Phase 2
Immunovant IMVT-1401 Myasthenia Gravis Biologic Phase 2
Immunovant IMVT-1401 WAIHA Biologic Phase 2
Immunovant IMVT-1401 Thyroid Eye Disease Biologic Phase 2
Aruvant ARU-1801 Sickle Cell Disease Gene Therapy Phase 2
Kinevant Namilumab Sarcoidosis Biologic Phase 1
Lysovant LSVT-1701 S. Aureus Bacteremia Biologic Phase 1
Dermavant Cerdulatinib Atopic Dermatitis Topical Phase 1
Dermavant DMVT-504 Hyperhidrosis Topical Phase 1
Dermavant DMVT-503 Acne Topical Preclinical
Aruvant ARU-2801 Hypophosphatasia Gene Therapy Preclinical
Affivant AFM32 Solid Tumors Biologic Preclinical
Cytovant CVT-TCR-01 Oncologic Malignancies Cell Therapy Preclinical


Roivant's drug discovery capabilities include the leading computational physics-based platform for in silico drug design and optimization as well as machine learning-based models for protein degradation.

The integration of our computational and experimental engines enables the rapid design of molecules with high precision and fidelity to address challenging targets for diseases with high unmet need.

Our current modalities include small molecules, heterobifunctionals and molecular glues.

Roivant Health

Roivant Health is our platform for founding and funding innovative digital health businesses. As an integrated pharma-tech business, we hope to lead the transition to a more data-driven, patient-centric, and value-oriented health system.

Companies we have built include Datavant, now the nation's largest health data ecosystem, and Lokavant, a leading clinical trial intelligence company creating operational transparency for sponsors and CROs.


Matt Gline photo
Matthew Gline

Chief Executive Officer

Eric Venker photo
Eric Venker, MD

President & Chief Operating Officer

Mayukh Sukhatme photo
Mayukh Sukhatme

President & Chief Investment Officer

Frank Torti photo
Frank Torti, MD

Vant Chair

Richard Pulik photo
Richard Pulik

Chief Financial Officer

Rakhi Kumar photo
Rakhi Kumar

Chief Accounting Officer

Jo Chen photo
Jo Chen

General Counsel

Woody Sherman photo
Woody Sherman, PhD

Chief Computational Scientist

Pete Salzmann photo
Pete Salzmann, MD, MBA

Chief Executive Officer, Immunovant

Todd Zavodnick photo
Todd Zavodnick

Chief Executive Officer, Dermavant

Bill Gerhart photo
Bill Gerhart

Chief Executive Officer, Kinevant

William Chou photo
William Chou, MD

Chief Executive Officer, Aruvant

Peter Lutwyche photo
Pete Lutwyche, PhD

Chief Executive Officer, Genevant

Drew Fromkin photo
Drew Fromkin

Chief Executive Officer, Proteovant

John Xu photo
John Xu, MD

President, Cytovant

Rohit Nambisan photo
Rohit Nambisan

President, Lokavant

Pamela Carroll photo
Pamela Carroll, PhD

Chief Business Officer, Roivant Discovery

Benjamin Zimmer photo
Benjamin Zimmer

Chief Executive Officer, New Vant

Lindsay Androski photo
Lindsay Androski

Chief Executive Officer, Roivant Social Ventures

Alex Gasner photo
Alex Gasner

Executive Vice President, Roivant Health

Bill Macias photo
Bill Macias, MD, PhD

Chief Medical Officer, Immunovant

Chris Chapman photo
Chris Chapman

Chief Commercial Officer, Dermavant

Chris Van Tuyl photo
Chris Van Tuyl

General Counsel, Dermavant

Christopher Winter photo
Christopher Winter, PhD

Head of Portfolio Strategy, Roivant Discovery

David Rubenstein photo
David Rubenstein, MD, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer, Dermavant

Huafeng Xu photo
Huafeng Xu, PhD

Chief Technology Officer, Roivant Discovery

James Heyes photo
James Heyes, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer, Genevant

John Alfano photo
John Alfano

Chief Operating Officer, Lokavant

Julia G. Butchko photo
Julia G. Butchko

Chief Development & Technology Officer, Immunovant

Palani Palaniappan photo
Palani Palaniappan, PhD

Chief Technology Officer, Aruvant

Pete Zorn photo
Pete Zorn

Chief Legal Officer, Genevant

Philip Brown photo
Philip Brown, MD, JD

Chief Medical Officer, Dermavant

Stephanie Lee Griffin photo
Stephanie Lee Griffin

Chief Business Officer, Lokavant

Vivek Ramaswamy photo
Vivek Ramaswamy

Founder, Executive Chairman

Andrew Lo photo
Andrew Lo


Patrick Machado photo
Patrick Machado


Ilan Oren photo
Ilan Oren


Daniel Gold photo
Daniel Gold


Masayo Tada photo
Masayo Tada


James C. Momtazee photo
James C. Momtazee


Keith Manchester photo
Keith Manchester


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